Training and Workshops

Onyx Support provides a range of online learning within a range of sectors such as educational, health, social care and business. Additionally, we offer a variety of workshops to institutions and businesses, tailored to your organisation. To help individuals get the most out of higher education and in the workplace, our experienced speakers deliver the following workshops to enable both students and employees to reach their potential:These courses can be studied at the individuals pace and upon completion will receive a certificate.


Understanding and managing ADHD

Understanding and managing Autism

Understanding and managing OCD

Gain Confidence for Presentations

Counselling Practice Tests

Understanding and Managing Social Anxiety

Get Gym Confident


Overcoming Fears

Higher Education Awareness

Developing Customer Service Skills

Drug Awareness

Anger Management

Improving Self-esteem

Changing your mindset from negative to positive

Overcoming sleep problems

Stress Management

Mental Health and Exercise

Diet and Mental Health

How to be a good carer

Reducing Procrastination and Building Motivation

Improving Communication

Time Management

Managing Workload

How to carry out effective lone working

How to Maintain Professional Boundaries

How to Understand White Privilege and Be Actively Anti-Racist - (Donations go to charity)

Leadership Skills

Good Life Habits

How to be Happier

Building Staff Morale

Reducing Anxiety

How to be the best at your job

Improving Mental Health in the Workplace

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